Colours Web Design

Trending Ways to Use Colour in Web Design

If you are looking to make your website seem more colourful but don’t know what’s the right way to go about it, you just aren’t looking for the right inspiration.

It’s not just the regular websites that are focusing on the right colour combinations. Even online casino sites like Casino Coral is focusing on the same, and wants to better its user experience through it. The right colour combination isn’t just soothing to the eye, it can also help improve the user retention rate, lower the bounce rate, and in turn, increase your sales.

The question is, how do you know which colours should you use in your web design?

When we are discussing a website design, the headline type, tab/buttons, popup menu, backgrounds and graphics are involved. The key factors involve the APT- audience, purpose and time. The colour wheel has three main categories:

Primary Colours such as red, yellow, blue
Secondary colours such as purple, green, orange
Tertiary colours such as red-orange, yellow-green, blue-purple

These categories establish 6 relationships between colours that help choose colours better than doing it at random:

Mono-colour scheme: where you select a main colour and play with the different shades and brightness.
Complimentary Colour Scheme: where you choose two colours diametrically opposite on the colour wheel.
Triadic Colour scheme: where you draw a triangle out of the base colour and find the two complimentary colours.
Tetradic Colour Scheme: where you select a pair of colours lying close together and their opposites from the colour wheel
Analogous Colour Scheme: where you select 3 colours lying close by each other on the colour wheel.
Accented Analogous Colour Scheme: where you select 3 colours and their opposites from the wheel to establish certain contrasts.

Infact the entire branch called Colour Psychology is based on how colours affect human behaviour. Let’s discuss some of them?

BLUE is often expressed as a colour of trust, loyalty, peace and order. You must have noticed most banks have a blue webpage? Or the world’s biggest social network?
YELLOW is used to trigger warnings or describe something as happy and bright. Even if they sound contrary on the surface, they are both are causes of great excitement.
GREEN is the representation of nature. If your website deals with outdoors, environment, green is what you are probably designing with.
ORANGE is not only the new black, it is also known to make you impulsive and create a sense of urgency. Remember Amazon’s limited time offer you have clicked on so many times? Rings a bell?
Black is deemed as the colour of the exclusive and classy. When in doubt, we’ll always choose black because we know we cannot go wrong with the colour.

That of course doesn’t mean you’ll choose black as your background for a kid’s website! There are plenty of other suggestions that you need to take care of.