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Three design tips for your website

Your company’s website is important as it is the main way potential clients and customers gather information about your business. A poorly designed website that is not aesthetically appealing, and is difficult to navigate is sure to dissuade even the most patient person from doing business with your company. Therefore, it is of vital important to make sure that your website - usually a potential client’s first impression of your company -is inviting and designed well. Here are some tips to help you make your website as appealing as it possibly can be.

Colours and imagery

Of course in an ideal world people would judge things by their content and not their looks –but this is not the case. Not only does the written content on your website need to be of a good quality, but your website itself needs to be easy on the eyes. Things to consider when making your website look attractive are colours and imagery. You need to use appropriate and well thought out colours, and think about what type of imagery will appeal to your client base and reflect the image of your company’s branding. A good example of this is Royal Vegas online casino – their website is well crafted and encompasses good colour schemes as well as good imagery. Their choice of a red banner is bold and bright, and is congruent with the colour schemes associated with casinos. The image of a beautiful, well-dressed woman on a lavish gold and red sofa exudes the class and luxury that they want their brand to convey to potential customers.

Written content

Another important aspect to consider in the design of your website is the written content and how this is presented. You want to give potential clients all the information they may need, but you do not want a text heavy site either as people do not want to have to read endless paragraphs of text. Think about headings for content. Will you have different tabs on the website? Also, consider the size, font and colour of your written text. Is your content visible in the chosen colour against the colour of your background? These are all important considerations to take into account when designing your website. For instance, you may want your text in yellow as yellow is a bright colour; but against a white or light coloured background, yellow text will be exceedingly difficult for people to read.

White space

Be away of the composition of all the features on any given page of your website: text, headers, logo, and images. Being in control of the white space on your website will allow visitors to absorb all the elements on the page without being overwhelmed because everything feels cramped and cluttered. Also, too much on one page can be overwhelming to the senses and you do not want your website to be off-putting to potential customers. When in doubt, rather opt for a simpler composition. As they say, less is more!

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