The Evolution of Motorcycle Styles

The Evolution of Motorcycle Styles

Motorcycles have been evolving for quite some time. We have witnessed quite a number of motorcycle styles that have captivated the motor industry. Most motorcycle lovers have always been following the evolution of these beautiful machines.  Let’s take you down the memory lane as we are about to outline some of the motorcycles that were prominent cycles.

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The Tweed Suit

These were the early days of a motorcycle. During that time, riding a motorbike was very expensive. It was actually pursued by wealthy men. However, instead of them to use the motorbike as a mode of transport. The gentlemen of that time used it to enjoy their weekend as well as impressing the ladies. The outfit relevant was actually important when you are riding the tweeted suit. Therefore when they were going for a spin with their bikes. Gentlemen of that time wore the tweeted suite. That’s why the motorcycle was called “The Tweed Suit”.

The Flat Cap

This one was for the guys in the uniform. The police and the military are the ones who established a motorcycle uniform. Bikes became fast enough to be very dangerous, unlike betting sites usa And more protection was necessary. Therefore, the first protection gear riders would wear flat caps alongside gauntlets gloves as well as full-length boots and some extra skin layer.

The Competition Sweaters

During the early 20s, The Hendee Manufacturing Company introduce the 1.75 horsepower, single-cylinder Indian in 1901. This bike was called the Competition Sweaters simply because racers used for competition. In this competition, they were made to wear a coloured wool sweater. Wearing sweaters in that manner was actually an honour for any kind of profession racer even the amateur riders.

It has been a very long and marvellous journey of motorcycles until to the day of the Heroes motors!