Tech Companies that Failed

Tech Companies that Failed

Technology brought about a lot of exciting features, apps, gadgets, and a lot more. A lot of the tech companies that were started became successful and surpassed all expectations, while some of them only survived for a short while. In this post, we take a look at the tech companies that failed. Of course, they might have seemed like they were destined for superstardom but in no time, they died terrible deaths.

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This one hurt us a lot because it was one of our favorites then. In fact, MySpace had more visitors than Google back in 2006. For a short period of time, the social network was brilliant and did well. However, today, it’s dead. We assume that it had a quick death due to the fact that it started serving ads that a lot of users found irritating. Another thing that probably pushed users away was the fact that the design was not so great. In fact, the homepage wasn’t that exciting. And then Facebook came. When it did, it sort off noticed all the flaws that MySpace had and improved on that and boom, a social media giant was born.


AOL was a hit among many people around the world because it allowed them to chat with loved ones on Instant Messenger. For most people, this was the first experience they had with the instant messenger service and it got them hooked just like goldenrivieracasino. Soon after, AOL decided to join forces with Time Warner and a few years later, they made a loss of about $100 billion. This led to a lot of people drifting away from the service and moving over to services such as Messenger and WhatsApp.