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2012 Site Of The Month

2012 winners for Gold Star site of the month - Each month the Gold Star team selects their favourite design for site of the month. Every design is evaluated and scored out of ten, all the scores are added and the winner is the website with the highest total score. The winning design is displayed on the homepage for the full following month.

For your chance to be Gold Star site of the month, submit your website.

September 2012 - Fifa 13 Ultimate Team

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team is the Gold Star site of the month for September 2012, EA Sports are back with this years installment of the world's most popular soccer computer game.

Crisp graphics and amazing applications that connect directly to the EA servers, which means you can control your gaming experience for the xbox or playstation from the web.

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August 2012 - The Art of Flight


The Art of Flight is the Gold Star site of the month for August 2012, this trendy website is promoting a snowboarding movie and includes a whole bunch of media to preview.

Multi direction page scrolling, with high quality photos and moving objects, which makes this website not only interesting but visually impressive.

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July 2012 - Skullcandy Supreme Sound


Skullcandy is the Gold Star site of the month for July 2012, this website is just pure dope. Stylish and cool headphones which need a great website, and that's exactly what they've got.

High quality photos and graphics, with slick multi direction page scrolling. Backed up with crisp audio beats, which results in nothing less than an urban masterpiece.

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June 2012 - Matteo Zanga

Matteo Zanga

Matteo Zanga is the Gold Star site of the month for June 2012, a really stunning portfolio website. Great visuals mixed with javascript page sliding, giving a powerful effect.

We love the intro page with the sliding profile picture, the portfolio images are very professional. All round classy website that totally deserves this award.

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May 2012 - HMR Servis

HMR Servis

HMR Servis is the Gold Star site of the month for May 2012, this website is just pure amazing. Outrageous artwork with slick horizontal full page scrolling.

Take a look around the HMR Servis auto garage, attention to detail is spot on. Not only can you move around, but it also includes a really cool slider to change the appearance of the section you're viewing, 10 out of 10 from the Gold Star team.

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April 2012 - EDP Renovaveis

EDP Renovaveis

EDP Renovaveis is the Gold Star site of the month for April 2012, we was impressed with the tab style vertical layout, a real stand out original website.

Everything about this design is great, the logo is professional, the colours work perfectly and the usability is very straight forward.

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March 2012 - Cheese Please

Hitmo Studio

Cheese Please is the Gold Star site of the month for March 2012, the immense artwork and design originality was the key to our selection.

This stunning website is very clear with great usability, the on site video media is very professional and in general a very fun website.

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February 2012 - Hitmo Studio

Hitmo Studio

Hitmo Studio is the Gold Star site of the month for February 2012, this impressive website has an excellent mixture of great artwork, colours, content and usability.

Not only is the homepage brilliant, but the inner pages have had a lot of work too, including some very nice animations.

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