Whether you have setup a WordPress website for a blog, an ecommerce business, a directory listing, or any other type of website, a specialized and dedicated theme can greatly help you in making the most out of your website. With a specialized theme, you avail plenty of features necessary for a website in your niche; in addition to a perfect design and layout for your website.

The design and functionality of your WordPress blog largely depends on your theme, and it should be thus of paramount importance to you to choose a theme that serves its purpose well. A good WordPress blog theme is flexible, responsive, SEO optimized, and visually appealing. It should also offer a decent customer support and should require minimal to no coding at all. We conducted thorough research based on the above criteria; analyzing hundreds of popular themes, and selected three of them that we think are the Top 3 Wordpress Blog Themes for 2017. Here they are.

WooCommerce is a well-known WordPress plugin that currently powers a significant portion of commerce based websites. Although the WooCommerce plugin has a rich feature set in itself, it’s best to install a WooCommerce theme for your website as well so that you can make the most out of your online business.  A good WooCommerce theme not only offers great and responsive design, but also other important features such as customization, regular updates, compatibility with other plugins, easy navigation structure, and capability for social media integration. We conducted extensive research and compiled a list of the 5 best WordPress WooCommerce themes for 2017. Here they are.

As directory listing websites become more and more popular, directory themes are being constantly developed. There are hundreds of directory themes currently available in the market, making it harder to choose the one that would best suit your needs. That is precisely why we compiled this list of 5 best WordPress directory themes for you. The themes that we chose are highly responsive, feature rich, and fully customizable; that can be adapted to dominate any industry, business, and niche.