Instagram Live

Instagram now allows you to go live with your friend

The social media company announced that users can now go live with a friend. Live streaming video on social media platforms has grown in prominence lately even real money online casinos are utilizing the technology. This prompted Instagram to come up with this idea. The Instagram live-streaming service was launched to users around the world roughly less than a year ago and since then the feature has been updated many times.

The social media company reported that the main objective of this new feature is to give its users the best live-streaming services they deserve. In addition, it is also meant to be helpful to users who might be scared to live-stream alone. You can invite a friend (who is an Instagram user) to feature on your live-stream, you both appear on the screen side by side like you are together in the same place.

The feature will be available on Instagram’s version 20 app for Android and iOS. It is expected to roll out in coming weeks around the world. To invite a friend to your broadcast, you tap the newly added icon on the bottom right and tap Add to invite a friend you want to be watching the live video. The screen is then divided into two and your friend shows up on the other half.

Instagram also allows users to remove a friend and add another one during the live broadcast. The new feature will not limit on how many guests you can invite on your live-stream. This feature can also be used during a live dealer at internet gambling sites. After the broadcast, the user can either choose to share it on their storyline or delete the video permanently.

With this feature, actual stories will look different in story feed. The live video will be represented by two live circles. In June 2017, Instagram upgraded its app to enable users to save their streams and share on their story feed.