Mobile Engage

7 ways to increase mobile engagement

Looking to get more from your business? All you may need to do is to look for quality mobile engagement – something that is easier told than done.

As a business, its the strategy that you use that will make a difference as to whether you would be able to bring in the ROI and sales you need. In fact, most businesses are developing a mobile website today to increase engagement. Even Omnia casino, an online casino site has its own mobile site that enables players to experience everything right from their handheld device.

And if you aren’t doing it with your business, you sure are losing out!

Here are seven ways to help you improve your mobile engagement.

  1. Going vertical is the way

From Facebook to Snapchat, everybody is trying it out, and for a reason. Most of us access wen pages through our smart devices today. For instance, we have our portrait view on our phone, and vertical ads just make for better user experience. In fact, statistics suggest that phones are kept on the vertical mode as many as 90% of the times.

  1. Video ads

Most of the consumers today have access to more data than ever before; this also means that video ads are a great way to engage audience. A 15-30 second video ad can work wonders.

  1. Graphical interstitials

These are banner ads that have grown up – to become something better and interactive. You can have anything from a game app to a product and show some glimpses of it to the user – on the full screen. It’s one of the best ways to tell your users how interesting the product is. You have more engaged users through this than other platforms.

  1. Between content

These ads appear between content. For instance, when you are playing a YouTube video, you can have another video ad come in between somewhere. However, these are not the only instances. You can have these before the media content, in between or even after the content has ended.

  1. MRAID Video

These videos are ones that can play across all formats, no matter whether your audience is using a desktop or a smart phone. It’s one of the best in-app advertising methods available today, and can bring in more revenue.

  1. HTML5 Ads

Here is the thing with the normal way of getting across ads – they run on Flash. And as you should know by now, Flash isn’t supported by most browsers today, not even Google Chrome. So, you need a better and more secure way to send across ads – and HTML5 is the answer. HTML5 works across devices, and you can show anything from statis ads to videos and clips on it. It is one of the best ways to engage users today.

  1. Native Ad Units

You just do not look to place ads on the web page itself. You look for places in the web page that can get you the maximum user engagement you want. This is where native ad units can help. You can put in ads just about anywhere you want on the home page, from the content stream to the app wall and even the carousel on your home page. You can even use it on your chat, though we recommend not being too intrusive.

You can carry out some solid A/B testing to know if it is working for you or not, and which ones you should better use. You can have a native ad builder to help build apps easily and put ads where you want.