The question as to how long will website visitors stay on a web page before leaving is a perennial one. With over 644 million active websites on the internet to check out, most visitors will stay very briefly on a website, depending on the quality of the site. On average, a page visit lasts barely a minute (that is around 30 minutes or so). Nevertheless, if users like a site, they can stay on it for as long as they can. Every website owner knows that the first 30 minutes are what determine whether visitors will stay longer or will not. Consequently, they have come up with some clever psychological design tricks to keep visitors hooked. These design tricks not only manipulate users to stay longer on the page, but also lead them to do stuff they did not intend to do, like purchase a product, subscribe to a service or retain their accounts if they had intended to cancel them. Let us look at some of these design tricks today.

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